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Media Relations

If "getting good press" does little to move you closer to a goal, clear a hurdle or educate your stakeholders, what have you really accomplished?

Bayless Communications helps clients develop and implement focused, goal-driven media relations programs by bringing a strategic approach, an outside perspective and knowledge of the current news and media environment.

Bayless Communications understands that effective media relations extends far beyond issuing a news release, launching a blog, holding a press conference or amassing a pile of news stories to fatten the clip file.

David Bayless helps clients build mutually productive relationships with reporters. He coaches clients so they can manage their message during media interviews. He writes clean, focused and message-driven media materials. And, he knows what makes news and what doesn't.

David Bayless honed his media and crisis communications skills while serving as chief media spokesman for the nation's second largest municipal police department. He has worked on the front lines of crime scenes and is also very effective working in the background by providing media strategy consulting, interview coaching and message training to CEOs, government officials and leaders in the non-profit sector.

Organizations lacking a strong communications, media or public affairs capacity often look to Bayless to help them build and execute media strategies. Clients with in-house communications pros tap Bayless to augment their efforts or lend a fresh, outside perspective to an issue or initiative.

And, as a seasoned crisis manager, David also recognizes that sometimes the best news is no news at all. David has helped clients mitigate or minimize the impact of potentially negative media stories and is often retained by legal counsel to help their clients communicate clearly while facing legal, public and media scrutiny.
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