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Crisis Communications

Managing your message in the midst of a crisis — be it an unforeseen event that's unfolding right in front of you or a complex, challenging issue looming ominously over the horizon — is an exercise in judgment, strategy, reason and leadership.

Countless examples demonstrate that how an organization responds to crisis often defines success or failure more than the crisis itself.

Leaders know that the key factor in weathering the storm is selecting experienced, credible counsel to help them ride it out. Clients call on Bayless Communications when crisis beckons because they know they will receive level headed, strategic guidance that is rooted in years of public and private sector experience.

Over a 20-year career in communications, David Bayless has helped scores of leaders in the public and private sector respond forthrightly and assertively in the face of governmental, regulatory, law enforcement, media or public scrutiny.

He has been on the scene of major crime and disaster scenes to help a major law enforcement agency communicate to the public and the media effectively. He has provided crisis counsel to police and fire chiefs, mayors and city managers, CEOs, executive directors and attorneys as they guide their organizations through defining events such as major criminal incidents and investigations, disasters and catastrophic events, plant and store closings; civil and criminal litigation; labor disputes; workplace incidents and discrete employee misconduct and human resources issues.

Often, attorneys retain David Bayless to help their clients develop a communications strategy that complements a legal strategy and helps organizations forward their message assertively and confidently.

And, since organizations are better served by having a plan in place before a crisis hits, Bayless Communications can assess your organization's readiness and capacity to perform and communicate effectively for inevitable, unforeseen events.
  Bayless Communications provides:
• Crisis readiness assessments
• Crisis communications plan development and execution
• Development and execution of crisis communications strategies
• After-action analysis and evaluation
• 24-hour on-call availability
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